LGBT In Engineering

Everyday at least three people wonder what it’s like to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender engineer. This website aims to answer the question by sharing the experiences of LGBT engineers and their straight allies all the way from students just starting out, to senior members of the profession, worldwide.

The “What is it like” campaign is an InterEngineering initiative, designed to:

Increase Visibility

LGBT engineers are a hidden minority- this makes it hard to tell, from outside each organisation, how many there are and what it’s like to be one. By sharing profiles of people across the whole spectrum of engineering we will increase public awareness.

Inform Choices

The people asking the question “What is it like” are mostly students considering career options, or engineers looking to work abroad. Making the experiences of others available will help them make informed choices.

Identify Improvements

By collecting together experiences (both good and bad) from a wide range of engineers, patterns will arise that can be used to help identify where the profession can improve for everyone.