LGBT History

LGBT History Month

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Throughout LGBT History Month 2022, we’ve been celebrating “Scientists Across the Spectrum” on our Instagram and LinkedIn. Our team selected a range of LGBTQ+ individuals, past and present, who have contributed to science and engineering (and it’s not themselves). They range from past to present, covering the spectrum of LGBTQ+ individuals, across various disciplines. We’ve collated the set of profiles here …

What has the engineering response to COVID-19 looked like?

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For the third consecutive year, InterEngineering and the Royal Academy of Engineering collaborated to celebrate #LGBTSTEMday. The last six months have been extremely challenging for the engineering community. This event will look at how our profession has responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recognise the contribution of LGBTQ+ engineers in addressing these challenges. We will …

Being an LGBT+ Student in Engineering

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We are collecting data to find out the experiences of LGBT+ Student Engineers. Please share so we can find out more and effect change. This survey is confidential and aims at collecting the opinion of LGBT+ students in Engineering on the need for improvement of diversity and inclusion. Create your own user feedback survey

What’s it Like Being LGBT in Engineering? – Positive Video Profiles

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People still think of engineering as a profession reserved only for white heterosexual men. But the industry is changing, with more women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds and the LGBT community all making a valuable contribution to the profession. 2017 marks 50 years since the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales. To celebrate this, InterEngineering has partnered with Mott MacDonald and the Royal Academy of …

InterEngineering on Shout-Out Radio

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We made the radio! Recently John Bradbury and Hayley Barnden, our South west Co-chairs appeared on ShoutOut Radio talking about LGBT+ diversity and inclusion in Engineering. Local director of Diversity in Design and ShoutOut presenter, Tara Fraser featured and organised the segment and included her journey and perspective about being a managing director and increasing her knowledge in D&I. The …

In Conversation: Being Transgender in Engineering (Part 1)

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I did not knowingly know any members of the transgender community until late 2015. I was at a KPMG event representing InterEngineering and recognised the leading transgender role model on Twitter, Jacqui Gavin. Jacqui has led on change within the Civil Service, works with the LGBT Foundation and is National Chair of a:Gender, the national Civil Service network for gender …

Being an LGBT Engineer

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The ‘What’s it like’ campaign is the first of, hopefully, many run by InterEngineering as part of our ongoing remit to Connect, Inform and Empower lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender engineers, and their straight allies. At the very least, 2-3 people wonder what it’s like to be an LGBT engineer every day. This campaign aims to definitively answer the question …