Data On Diversity

While metrics aren’t everything, they provide an important insight into the nature and attitudes towards LGBT diversity and inclusion of the industry as a whole.

As part of an on-going resource InterEngineering will collect together as much of the data and research into this area as possible.

AJ/CN/NCE: Attitudes to Sexuality in Construction

The NCE, Architects Journal and Construction News are currently undertaking a survey into attitudes towards sexuality within construction.

InterEngineering will request information after the survey has been completed.

ICE: Membership Diversity Statistics

The Institute of Civil Engineers allows its members to volunteer information about their backgrounds to be collected in an anonymised dataset to help measure the diversity of their members.

The following data was provided to us in February 2015 about the UK membership.

Members declared themselves as other than hetrosexual/straight
Prefered not to share their sexual orientation
Declared that they were no longer the same sex as at birth

This information was provided through our engagement with the ICE, and will be updated periodically.

IChemE: Engineering A Winning Workforce

In November 2014 the IChemE undertook a survey to discover more about the attitudes and opinions of its members towards diversity and inclusion; including those relating to LGBT engineers.

Identified as LGBT
Have personally experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation
Have observed discrimination based on sexual orientation at the workplace

The full IChemE survey data and conclusions are waiting publication.

E&T Diversity Survey

In July of 2014, following the Royal Academy’s event discussing Data Driven Diversity, the E&T undertook a survey across their readership. The survey was online and available to all; asking a series of questions to learn more about the experience of LGBT engineers.

The respondents were predominantly from the UK, and 60% of them were gay men.

Are open at work about their sexuality
Would like to be out, but do not feel their work culture would react positively
Feel their sexuality has created a barrier to their career progression

Being Brunel: Being A Gay Civil Engineer

In March 2014 Being Brunel published an article which included a discussion on what its like to be a gay civil engineer. As the site is owned by a committee member, visitor statistics are available- giving an insight into the number of people who wonder what its like.

People read about being a gay civil engineer on an average day.
People have visited the article to date
Most visited post on the site

These statistics will be updated regularly

Stonewall Workplace Equality Index

Every year Stonewall ranks over 800 businesses to determine Britain’s top employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff. Companies have to submit themselves into the index, and are ranked on their submissions.

Engineering firms placed within the top 25 in 2014
Engineering firms placed within the top 25 in 2013
Engineering firms placed within the top 25 in 2012

Architect’s Journal

The AJ undertook a survey of LGB architects and their experience within the industry; including some engineers working within construction.

Feel comfortable being out in an architectural practice

The AJ survey data is only available to subscribers.

InterEngineering will contact the AJ to see if they will release further information.


Please get in contact if you know of any other research on LGBT diversity within engineering, so that we can help share data and drive improvement.