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It’s been a busy start to the year so far for InterEngineering, as we work to take on board the reams of feedback we received from you all during our first event last year. We’ll be publishing our key findings in our newsletter in February, however for those of you who would like to see the suggestions we collected:

Events, Ideas for events, things to do differently at events

  • Events – name badges and mailing list to allow people to connect after events
  • Don’t get obsessed about LGBT+ issues – if you host events of general Engineering interest then people will come
  • Debates / Discussion groups – being out on site, foreign countries and working there, sexuality in the workplace
  • Networking with LGBT groups in Architecture / Contractors / Clients etc.
  • Speed networking events – for making contacts / links and meeting like-minded people

Website improvements

  • Forum/anon Q&A for not out LGBT
  • List of companies who are LGBT friendly
  • Links to other company LGBT networks e.g. Prism at DSTL
  • Clear roles / contact points on the committee
  • Show the business case for D&I
  • Easy sign up to the mailing list
  • Stories / case studies from successful LGBT engineers in industry
  • Resources for good diversity practice? (For employers): policies / guidance / support / events etc.

Publicity channels

  • IMechE involvement – Young Engineers Forum
  • Get an article in the Pink News
  • Communications – Facebook / LinkedIn
  • Provide options for discretion in public groups
  • Attend diversity recruitment fair – Stonewall starting out guide
  • Exposure in engineering publications
  • Outreach to engineering companies to raise awareness of the forum and encourage people to join

Scope and expansion

  • Articulate aims for 2015 that bring C-I-E vision to life
  • Translate statement in to action
  • Don’t forget the straight people
  • Host events outside of London e.g. Midlands / Birmingham
  • Regional contacts – get reps locally involved
  • Engagement with schools – HNC/HND I.e. All socio-economic levels


  • Tools and techniques to facilitate setting up and joining resource groups e.g. Managing personal data and HR.
  • Information for LGBT students
  • Feed back findings from Starting Out to attendees – two way conversations with companies
  • Support for making LGBT initiatives more global
  • Feedback in February for Workplace Equality Index (WEI); results from companies with engineering surveys with company ID stripped out
  • Tips for tie-in objectives and aims in to company values those which tie to LGBT
  • LGBT specific issues and family support
  • Help large companies who don’t tackle head on / are not as effective; Progress is defined on “measurable” D&I. Age / gender / ethnicity & nationality.
  • Use InterEng as a business development tool


  • Presentations to university engineering courses to get buy-in from people early in their career and show the support is there.
  • Get involved with universities and forge links with LGBT groups. IQ at Imperial do have company networking events, but there has been nothing for engineering so far
  • HR executives bring diversity agenda on board
  • Promoting LGBT and gettting senior buy-in
  • Engagement with PEI’s to connect with their patrons who will support LGBT professionals

Thanks again to all of you who found the time to attend; it’ll be the members that make InterEngineering, and I hope the committee will be able to meet your high expectations!

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