LGBT History

LGBT History Month

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Throughout LGBT History Month 2022, we’ve been celebrating “Scientists Across the Spectrum” on our Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our team selected a range of LGBTQ+ individuals, past and present, who have contributed to science and engineering (and it’s not themselves). They range from past to present, covering the spectrum of LGBTQ+ individuals, across various disciplines.

We’ve collated the set of profiles here for you to use as resources to promote LGBTQ+ scientists & engineers. You’re free to share it on, but please keep our attributions in the footer, crediting InterEngineering.

Sally Ride

Harry Roberts

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker Poster

Ginger Chien

Ginger Chien Poster

Dr. Manu Platt

Manu Platt Poster

Kaz Self

Kaz Self Poster

Caitlin MacLeod

Caitlin MacLeod Poster

Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson Poster
If you know anymore influential LGBTQ+ Engineers and Scientists, get in touch.