Linking LGBT+ Into Supply Chain

InterEngineering Events

EDF Energy and InterEngineering invite you to join us on the 25th of May for a workshop on influencing your company’s supply chain to spread diversity and inclusion.The workshop will feature special guest speakers Andy Horne the Head of EDF Energy’s Supply Chain and another guest speaker to be announced shortly. The guest speakers will help us to learn about what we can all do to drive a diverse supply chain, what EDF Energy is doing to drive a diverse supply chain and their current challenges.

All of the attendees and the hosts will split into groups and form a think tank to try and find solutions to some of the common problems of influencing diverse supply chain


  • 2:00pm -Arrival
  • 2:30pm -Introduction
  • 2:40pm -Tips from Special Guest Speaker
  • 2:55pm -How EDF Energy is working to make a diverse supply chain
  • 3:15pm -Workshop
  • 3:45pm -Break
  • 4:00pm -Workshop
  • 4:30pm -Summary and Closure
  • 5:00pm -Networking at nearby venue

More details to follow. Please contact for any questions.