Since the inception of the Amey LGBTA Network, Amey has sought to become truly inclusive. Since it’s inception in 2016 the Amey network has given over a thousand rainbow lanyards to it’s staff, spreading the visibility of Amey’s inclusive culture in the workplace. The Amey network also ensure they upskill their workplace through workshops and by attending pride marches. We are blessed by our partnership with Amey and cannot wait to improve inclusion together.

Why is Amey supporting InterEngineering?

Fairness, respect, and equality of opportunity are key parts of Amey culture. As well as protecting LGBT+ rights through corporate policy and practice, we want to build a culture where LGBT+ people are fully included and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Our LGBT and Allies Network, established in 2016, now has over 700 members and has secured Amey sponsorship of Pride events in four different UK cities.

We are proud of our partnership with InterEngineering and welcome the opportunities it brings. We believe that being part of a cross-industry network not only helps us improve our own practices, but is also making engineering a more diverse and inclusive field.

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