Tideway’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is the perfect compliment to InterEngineering. Tideway is the organisation delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a vital new piece of infrastructure for London. 160 years ago, London was blighted by a major public health crisis known as “The Great Stink”, with raw sewerage being dumped into the River Thames. Concerned by the growing crisis, MPs enlisted eminent Victorian engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette to construction a new system. Despite Bazalgette’s original network being in good condition, it cannot cope with the capital’s increasing population – estimated to be around 100,000 new residents each year. The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a new super sewer for London, intercepting the overflows of raw sewerage into the River Thames. The width of three London double decker buses, the tunnel is 16 miles long, with sites across London stretching from Acton to Abbey Mills. But the project is striving to go further than any infrastructure project before it, changing the face of the construction industry, improving the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce and reconnecting Londoners with a cleaner, healthier River Thames.

Why is Tideway supporting InterEngineering?

Tideway is supporting InterEngineering to improve inclusion within the engineering industry as well as the construction industry. We see the partnership as vital for attracting and retaining diverse identities into the industry and working towards a more inclusive environment for all to feel they can be themselves in.

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Our Collaboration


Past Events

  • Tideway: A Boat Tour of London’s New Super Sewer

    3rd November 2017 @ 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm at Blackfriars Pier

    InterEngineering in conjunction with Tideway are very excited to announce a 3-hour boat trip of London’s next large scale construction project after Crossrail. Boarding on the 3rd of November, the unforgettable tour will encompass 11 Tideway s...