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As I’m a bisexual woman married to a bisexual man, almost everyone at work thinks I’m straight, even though I’m openly involved in Pride (National Grid’s LGBT network) and I had a photo of my spouse in a red satin dress on my desk for a long while. This industry can sometimes be macho, and occasionally I overhear remarks about men in dresses that really upset me. I want to turn round and say to people, “I haven’t been rude about your spouse or partner, why are you being rude about mine?” but often don’t have enough courage.

I’ve had my fair share of prejudice as a result of being a woman in this industry so am very careful who I Come Out to at work, as I don’t want to invite more. I wish I could be more open, like I am outside work. I think this industry is very old-fashioned, so I’d have to explain a lot if I wanted to Come Out to people, because a lot of them have some inappropriate ideas about what being bi actually means, for example, people still think it means you want a threesome or are unfaithful.

Having said all this, I think things are changing, but very slowly. National Grid is actively trying to improve this aspect of life for its employees, and I have had a better experience here than at other companies where it was inadvisable to Come Out to anyone at all.