Supporting Bisexual Employees in the Workplace

The bisexual population is often overlooked, despite their own challenges that include mental health issues, identity and visibility. A responsible business should be able to recognise the issues that their bi employees may face and take steps to support their bi employees to be at their best. People are an asset to any business, and it is simply the right thing to do. An InterEngineering workshop was hosted by Rolls-Royce on 13th March 2019 to consider how to support bisexual employees in the workplace. The workshop was attended by representatives of several companies including ARUP, Jaguar Land Rover, the Environment Agency, HS2 and the Royal Air Force.

The bulk of the workshop consisted of the group tackling five questions:

  • How do you provide bi visibility in the workplace?
  • How does a company build trust, so employees share bisexual orientation on monitoring activities?
  • How do we challenge biphobic comments by everyone?
  • What changes might be needed to better support bisexual employees?
  • How do we improve people’s understanding of bisexuality?

The output of the workshop is summarised in this report. This report is not intended to be a fully comprehensive bisexual resource. It covers some resources, links, and dates that came up during the course of this piece of work.

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