Terms of Reference

A professional network aiming to connect, inform and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender engineers and their straight allies.


To provide a welcoming, supportive, safe and confidential space for all LGBT people within engineering to meet, share and discuss views, experiences or concerns.

To provide networking opportunities for LGBT engineers in different companies to meet, discuss improvements the profession could be making and share best practice for growing company support.

To share and collect experiences and resources of LGBT people working in engineering and promote wider initiatives within the industry to help promote diversity.

To run events to help LGBT engineers promote and support diversity in their workplaces, and providing a forum for smaller enterprises.

Membership and Committee

Membership is open to all individuals who work within engineering and believe that diversity and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender engineers within the profession is important.

An application to join the committee can be made online via the website and will be reviewed by the current committee to ensure agreement with the groups aims and maintain a manageable size.

Budget and Resources

InterEngineering is a volunteer led and donation supported group operating in a not for profit capacity. Priority will therefore be given to events and resources that can be provided for free using the resources available to the group.

It is expected that as the group grows it will gain partner organisations who can provide consistent support to enable the group to achieve more substantial deliverables.